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The Innocent Heathen

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Went to a Mets game yesterday. Three days before that, I was in Barta'a talking about Israeli independence day with the Palestinian kids. The Mets won, 12 to 6.
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Happy passover everyone!

I think I'm going to do up some matzo ball soup tomorrow, how does that sound?

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My uncle has terminal cancer and his doctors say he has two months to live. I am afraid I'll never see him again.

I spoke to my mom and she told me that no one really expects me to come home right now, so I'll wait and see what to do.

I'm not going to sleep now even though I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow. It doesn't matter because I'll feel like shit whatever I do.

I live in Kfar Saba now. My address is on my facebook profile, won't you write me? I'd ask you to call but I lost my phone.

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I'm still alive, everyone!

1. Mifgash was amazing.
2. In 2007 I met my goal and read fifty books! Yaay. This is what happens when I don't go to school.
3. Today I went running with Sarah because we wanted some exercise, but we ended up stopping after five minutes to stuff ourselves with oranges in the kibbutz citrus grove, and then we got attacked by a dog.

See, Israel is full of excitement. Maybe that's why Bush came here.

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Home Tomorrow.
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excited excited
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On Saturday I drank more than a liter of orange juice, some of it with vodka, most of it without. On Sunday we toured the kibbutz juice factory, I frolicked atop a 16 ton pile of citrus fruit, and drank more orange juice.
Today and Monday sucked ass, tomorrow I am getting on a jet plane and coming home for ten days!

I live in a house on a utopian juice kibbutz with 19 other people at least as strange as I am, I dont go to school, and I spend two days a week in Palestine. Can someone answer me what the hell is going on with my life? Its been three months and I am still fucking confused.

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confused wtf
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Spent five days in the desert. Feel a little better.
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drunk drunk
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I'm still alive.
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Went to the West Bank today.

Also visited the village of Barta'a, where we'll be teaching. Some of the stores on the main street remind me of Coney Island Avenue, which makes me miss home.

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indescribable indescribable
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I got back yesterday from a weeklong hiking and camping trip in the north of Israel. It was about sixty kilometers, all told, over five days. It was a survival trip, which means they gave us only very basic food and we had to find the rest ourselves. It would take me awhile to write down everything that happened, so I'll make a list of the main points:
1. It was really fucking hot.
2. We climbed some huge mountains, even though we didn't need to, thanks to Noah, Benno and Colin.
3. Shachav was our madriach. Remember Shachav?
4. We ate a lot of figs and pomegranates. Acutally, not enough. On night we had plain chickpeas for dinner and the next night we had wheat with honey.,
5. We decided to give up deodorant. We also had to make our own backpacks out of potato sacks and twine.
6. We hiked through a field of nettles. You may think I'm talking about a nettle here or there, but no. There was not room to pass between them at all, and I was wearing shorts. And then we slept in nettles. And lastly,
7. I had my period for the whole time. Can you fucking believe that? Hiking up mountains, eating wild berries, crossing the Jordan River, climbing through thorn bushes, sleeping on the ground...with my period. I wanted to fucking die.
On the last day, right after crossing the Jordan, we had to crawl on our hands and knees through a bamboo forest that looked like Vietnam. Since I'd hardly eaten in the past three days, I was dehydrated, and I had my period, I couldn't handle it anymore and I fainted. It was so romantic, swooning on the banks of the Jordan next to a pile of cow shit. It was actually pretty fucked up, since I'd never fainted before, and I was crying and hyperventilating a lot. Fortunately Hadar and Mira helped me. I fell on my leg though, and now there's a big bruise there and it's swollen. Fun times.
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sore sore
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