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She Shakes Your Soul Up Through The Ceiling

The Innocent Heathen

...but it's pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove
21 November 1989
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This is my house. It's made of books.

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This is my life in the form of a one-panel cartoon.

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This is my life in the form of a photograph of the sky.
air america, al franken, all the president's men, atheism, awesomeness, barack obama, baseball, bashing the media, basketball, beauty, being alive, being unhip, bernard woolley, bob marley, british comedy, brooklyn, camp shomria, canada, candles, charmed quarks, coldplay, communism, david wright, demonstrations, dennis kucinich, environmentalism, eric idle, eugene debs, failing physics, family guy, feminism, forests, franz ferdinand, haikus, happiness, hashomer hatzair, haymarket, hippies, i love lucy, incense, internet forums, ireland, israel, jay and silent bob, jim hacker, joe mcewing, jon stewart, jose reyes, kurt vonnegut, led zeppelin, leftist politics, love, michael moore, michael palin, midwood, monty python's flying circus, music, nirvana, optimism, original oratory, palestine, peace, pedro martinez, pedro martinez's hair, philosophy, poetry, politics, radiohead, randomness, reading, rebecca egler, sir humphrey appleby, socialism, sociology, softball, speech, stephen colbert, stephen hawking, strange quarks, sunshine, tea, the beatles, the boondocks, the clash, the colbert report, the cold war, the daily show, the green party, the killers, the labour movement, the mets, the onion, the pullman strike, the rolling stones, the secret machines, the simpsons, the soviet union, the strokes, the subway, the white stripes, things that smell good, this modern world, tommy makem, uncontrollable laughter, vegetarianism, weezer, winter, woodward and bernstein, writing, yes minister, yes prime minister